Système de gestion de la pyramide vers le cercle

The Organizational System: from Pyramidal to Circular?

A new managerial culture is emerging in contemporary businesses, influencing organizations to move from a pyramidal system to a circular one. Although this may appear to be a radical jump, it is a logical move that allows employees and businesses to embrace the economic development and to adapt to each other’s expectations, expectations that may […]

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L'axe linguistique de la reconnaissance au travail

The Linguistic Approach to Workplace Recognition

Recognition at work is set up in multiple ways, as payout, promotion, reward, or through symbolic language. The linguistic approach to recognition implemented at various levels seems to have impacts and consequences, and businesses are only now starting to measure its strength. It is said to be diverse and manifold, though it’s first and foremost […]

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Marc-André Lanciault Canal Argent Karelab

Marc-André Lanciault explains who is Karelab at Canal Argent

On February 25th, during an interview by François Gagnon at Canal Argent, Marc-André Lanciault, Founder and CEO of Karelab, explained the reasons behind our name change as well as who we are and how we help large organizations increase employee engagement.

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4 niveaux de reconnaissance pour vous aider à planifier et budgeter

4 Levels of Recognition to Help You Plan and Budget

Everyone needs recognition. It is a fundamental human need. In business, the more our work is recognized, the more likely we are to offer a little more discretionary effort to our employer; this increases productivity, performance, and finally, the bottom line. What level of recognition is best suited for an employee? How can we tell […]

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INBOX becomes Karelab new name same passion

New name, fresh start!

Sometimes in life, you have to take the leap. Since our team isn’t afraid of much (and we’d been toying with the idea for some time), we decided to change our company name. Just like that. Why change names? To help you get to know us better. In 2003, we chose the name INBOX to […]

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INBOX participe à Movember

INBOX participates to Movember

This year will be our first. And obviously not our last! And I am extremely proud of the INBOXers who decided to participate in Movember. We will be five. Five to have the courage to brave our spouses, and the world at large, to proudly display these few manly hairs! But what is Movember? In […]

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La Vie INBOX en photos

The INBOX life in pictures

What adventures these last few months! Since January last year, we doubled the number of INBOXers, going from 9 to 18. We have developed and implemented a recognition boutique with more than 1800 products. We have signed new mandates with large Canadian organizations. Our employee recognition offer is now complete: strategies, Web portal and recognition […]

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S'entraîner à être reconnaissant

Be grateful and increase your happiness level

We started doing something really cool at INBOX lately. Let me put you in context. First, every morning at 10am sharp, we have a standup meeting. For those who are not familiar with the concept, the name tells it all: it’s a reunion where everyone is standing up. Typically, we stand in circle around a […]

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L'avantage du bonheur

The Happiness Advantage

I am currently reading The Happiness Advantage from Shawn Achor. A must-read if you are interested by the subject of happiness (or not ; ). The author brings a very interesting point. He reminds us that, all our life, we always hear the same thing: work hard, perform at high levels and success will come; […]

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Qu'est-ce que l'engagement des employés

What is employee engagement

For many years, we increasingly hear about employee engagement. It seems to be a fashionable term now. All companies desire engaged employees. Everyone wants to increase the engagement levels in their teams. As proof, a recent Gallup study shows that 90 % of CEOs recognize that employee engagement is essential to their company. And yet, […]

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